Hengoed Park specializes in the care and support of people with varying types of Alcohol-Related Brain Damage (ARBD) and Substance Abuse-Induced Neurocognitive Disorders, such as Korsakoff’s Syndrome.

Hengoed Park also provides specialist care and support to people who suffer from varying types of Mental Ill Health, including Acquired Brain Injury and various forms of Dementia.

Hengoed Park We do not take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to care; we believe passionately that each individual requires a specific program or “Pathway” in order to help them achieve greater independence and a successful return to semi-independent or fully independent living, in the community.

We do not believe that a placement at Hengoed Park is a placement for life.

Hengoed Park Our goal is to rehabilitate people to the best of their ability, so they can re-integrate into society and live happy, productive, independent lives.

We have developed the Hengoed Park Pathway programme to include high-intensity residential care, enablement and personal development. We provide for varying levels of independent living in either the Hall apartments or the walled garden maisonettes and this can be extended through our out-reach service into a community placement.

Hengoed Park We believe that with the right treatment, care and planned support, individuals can find a Pathway back to being contributing citizens. It is our mission to help each one of our residents to find their own unique Pathway to recovery.



Hengoed Park is a family-owned care home, set in a rural location in the Shropshire countryside. With 11 acres of parkland, a beautiful Victorian home and an idyllic location, Hengoed Park provides a unique setting to help our residents focus on their rehabilitation and recovery.

Hengoed Park is a well-established care home, welcoming residents from across the country. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of care for people who often present quite complex diagnoses.

Our staff works closely with families, medical experts and care workers, to provide each of our residents with the optimal Pathway to help them achieve the fullest life possible.

Welcome to Hengoed, we believe we can help you!


Our facilities include

  • Hall Apartments for individuals who wish for the reassurance of a close proximity to their carers and other residents or who’s needs preclude them from living on their own
  • Walled Garden Maisonettes, with individual kitchens, which offer a more independent living experience, but with the same high level care that all of our residents receive
  • Day Centre for daily use of both residents and non-residents from the community
  • Communal kitchen where residents and day centre users can cook together and develop a sense of community
  • Wood working shop, where residents can build and mend items. Those residents who have physical challenges are assisted in these activities, which help them to improve motor skills and gain a greater sense of accomplishment
  • 11-acres of parkland, with mature trees and a lovely country setting
  • Several lounges and a separate dining room for residents to enjoy
  • On-site religious service on Sundays in our day centre and residents of other faiths assisted in attending services of their choosing
  • On-site hair salon, featuring weekly visits from a hair stylist, who helps our residents keep looking their best
  • Pets are welcome at Hengoed Park, unlike most other care homes
  • Five-star kitchen, offering a broad choice of meals to suit every individual’s nutritional needs
  • Daily activities conducted by our trained staff and outside consultants, centred on developing a number of areas, including reinforcing cognitive skills, improving motor coordination, addressing behavioural issues, etc.
  • Regular group outings such as: bowling, local fairs, horse racing, shopping, canal boat rides, the beach during good weather, local events, etc.

Who we care for and support.

The cost for residence and care at Hengoed Park may be funded in whole or in part by your local authority. Please call to discuss.

Hengoed Park provides specialist care and support to people who suffer from varying types of Substance Abuse-Induced Neurocognitive Disorders and other forms of Mental Ill Health, including Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD).

Many forms of dementia, such as ARBD, are increasingly becoming recognised as treatable illnesses rather than a life-long condition.  However, these can carry a significant amount of social stigma. Often hidden behind terms such as Korsakoff’s syndrome or Alcohol-Related Brain Damage, are conditions which can be halted and sometimes reversed through abstention, treatment and proper nutrition. We have found that individuals can, if given the correct treatment and enablement programmes, re-establish their lives and return to society as contributing citizens. 

For far too long many young men and women with serious ABRD have been consigned to elderly dementia settings, when in fact, their condition was actually treatable. Part of our mission is to change this.

Such is the lack of clinical knowledge and awareness of ARBD that we often receive referrals without any defined diagnosis. It is for this reason that Hengoed Park employs its own Clinical Lead as well as outside consultants to advise on both clinical and nutritional requirement.

Helping people to pastures new


Success Stories

Hengoed Park has a significant number of success stories, which demonstrate the efficacy of its individual Pathways. For example:

Several years ago, Hengoed Park admitted a resident, Jane (not her real name), who had been drinking about a litre of vodka a day since the age of 11. When Jane came to Hengoed Park in her late teens, she was unable to function independently because of her advanced ARBD. Her motor skills, mental abilities and even her depth perception were so severely impaired that her family was no longer able to care for her. We put in place a Pathway of gentle therapy, activities, strict abstention and nutritional support which slowly helped Jane to reclaim her life. Jane was eventually able to live in one of our maisonettes and after several years at Hengoed, Jane was able to return home again to attend college and begin her life on a new path.

Bill (not his real name) came to us later in life. He had spent much of his life, living and working in a major metropolitan area. However, after Bill’s drinking became a serious problem, his wife asked him to leave. Because Bill was no longer able to hold a job or care for himself, Bill’s local authority felt he would benefit from a rural location such as Hengoed Park, where he could be away from the influences which had led to his ARBD. Bill was initially placed in the Hall at Hengoed Park but eventually was able to recover sufficiently to move to one of our maisonettes. After several years a Hengoed Park, Bill was able to return to the community. We assisted Bill to find a local flat and he is now happily living independently again.

Hengoed Park’s vision is to help each individual resident; in the way we helped Jane and Bill, to rebuild their lives and re-integrate into society.

Hengoed Park offers exceptional value for money because we have a proven track record of successful outcomes. 


Hengoed Park recognises the importance of having highly qualified staff. Each and every member enjoys the highest level of training in both mandatory and specialist skills. Each individual at Hengoed Park is assigned a key worker who is specifically responsible for their welfare.  The key worker is responsible for liaising closely with the resident and ensuring they have somebody specific to speak to whenever they need. The key worker is also responsible for maintaining and updating the individual’s Pathway on a monthly basis, so that it properly reflects the changing requirements and aspirations of each individual within our care.

Our staff are trained, skilled and educated, so what else? The answer is simple – they care. They care about the person, they care about what the person wants to achieve, they care about a person’s wellbeing, they care about a person’s safety, they care about their work.

Hengoed Staff

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CQC regulates Hengoed Park Limited to provide care at Hengoed Park
Our last check showed
This service was meeting all CQC national standards
This service was meeting all CQC national standards

All staff at Hengoed Park have undergone specialist training in Alcohol Related Brain Injuries that was developed specially for them by Stirling University, Scotland


Proud to have attended DSDC’s Alcohol and Dementia training course on 1st and 2nd November 2016



Personalised, outcome-based, measured, targeted, individualised, open, service user-led, positive, enabling, equipping, structured and planned are some of the words that people use to describe the service we provide at Hengoed Park.

Each person who comes to Hengoed Park, receives a Pathway created specifically for them.  This Pathway describes their condition when they arrive, outlines their own personal aspirations and goals, and combines these with feedback from their family, their medical practitioners, their social workers, and any other party which is integral to their care.

Our service recognises the individual and their journey to Hengoed Park. Equally, it recognises that this journey is only part of a Pathway and that from their point of admission their Pathway is extended to encompass the outcomes they want to achieve and for many, if not all this will ultimately lead to semi-independence in the community.

All Service Users are assessed by Hengoed Park prior to their placement being agreed. This Initial Assessment (IA) is the first in a continuing refinement process and will be continually re-evaluated to ensure that everyone understands the care support the individual requires.


person Centered and outcome based

Person Centered and outcome based

The IA is also the starting point for Hengoed Park’s Pathway Planning process. Hengoed Park’s Pathway Planning documents the aspirations of the service user, the actions of the care and support team to achieve these aspirations and also forms the formal Service Level Agreement (SLA) between the Service User and the Provider.

Service Users come to Hengoed Park with a wide range of care and support needs. We will work with individuals on all aspects of their recovery that may include:

  • Residential Care
  • Supported Living
  • Personal care (if required)
  • Hengoed Park Recovery Pathway
  • Finance and budgeting
  • Access to medical and dental care
  • Any other assistance that may be necessary to lead a fulfilling community life
  • Community Outreach
  • Community Centre
  • Value for Money
  • Domestic Tasks (Shopping, cooking, laundry, cleaning etc)
  • Claiming appropriate benefits
  • Seeking employment
  • Access to training courses and further education
  • Maintaining links with friends, family and the local community


  • Recovery Path
  • We recognise that there is a journey for everyone who has a placement at Hengoed Park and that this journey has to reflect the individual at every level.

    It is a cliché but we are all different, intellectually, emotionally, physically and mentally and so recovery will differ widely between individuals. For this reason it is important that we work with everyone on an individual by individual basis and that whilst we may be able to plot the starting and finishing points and some of the touchstones that lie in between, we are rarely able to say where the pathway goes and how long each stage will take.

    For this reason it is of the absolute importance that we take a compass reading at every way-point.

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  • Residential
  • Hengoed Park offers CQC Registered residential care to 31 service users.

    Residential Care at Hengoed Park is accommodated in the main hall building. Built in the mid 1800’s this traditional building with it’s safe and solid appearance is the ideal location for those service users who needs are high and complex and where security and a feeling of protection can be important factors on their recovery pathway.

    Core Staffing:

    Core staffing ensures that there is always care and support available and that service users are always safe and are always supported. Registered care at Hengoed Park provides a core staff to service user ratio of 6 care staff to every service user.

    One to One allocated hours:

    As previously stated, the service throughout provides is person centred approach but perhaps no more so than is the area of registered care where high, intense care and support is required during the early stages of the individuals time at Hengoed. Based upon assessment and the outcomes agreed, individual service users will be allocated one to one hours with the specific aim of achieving their personal development towards semi-independence.

  • Supported Living
  • As categorized by the CQC, is the provision of personal care in unregistered accommodation. We provide this service within the settings of the park.

    The Walled Garden currently provides 9 supported living cottages in a highly supportive setting. Each tenant enjoys their own, semi-independent cottage life-style whilst still supported to achieve greater independence and their personal aims and goals

    Core Staffing:

    Core staffing ensures that there is always care and support available and that service users are always safe and are always supported. Supported Living Hengoed Park provides a core staff to service user ratio of 5 care staff to every service user.

    One to One allocated hours:

    As previously stated, the service throughout provides is person centred approach and in particular the area of supported living where we develop and refine the strategies that enable individuals with the skills and confidence to a life of semi-independence. Based upon assessment and their individual pathway programme individual service users will be allocated one to one hours with the specific aim of achieving these milestones

  • Community Outreach
  • Care and Support in the home is the final leg of the pathway.

    Often confused with supported living, care in the home does not, unless otherwise specified, include any core staffing hours. This service is based totally on the one to one hours of service provided however, it remains as an integral part of the pathway and supports all of the work done at the park.

    This also includes the Community Day Centre service users.

  • Community Centre
  • This is an integral part of the life at Hengoed Park as it is the centre for many learning and re-enablement activities.

    The centre is modern and purpose built and operates on a number of levels. Firstly it offers residents and those in supported living a place for shared learning and where specific life skills, such as team working, tolerance, social skills and shared enjoyment are developed and supported. In this way the centre is an integral part of the individual’s pathway.

    Secondly, it delivers a community day service for both those individuals who have moved back into the community as well as those who live in the local community and who can benefit from the activities both practically and socially.

    Finally, it is an excellent area for staff development. Working with a wide range of people and abilities, staff practices are observed, discussed

  • Value for Money
  • Hengoed Park is a care provider that fully recognises its role as having to deliver value for money.

    For us this is not about being the cheapest, we are not. We are a specialist provider working with a service user group that currently costs the UK economy billions of pounds in lost production, social deprivation, hospital and social care.

    Current treatment often ends with a hospital discharge, then the inevitable critical failure resulting in a return to hospital or even residential care.

    In both circumstances the cost is reoccurring and whether it sits with Health or Social Care, it is a cost without a horizon.

    The specialist approach Hengoed Park offers is to find the pathway back to semi-independence where the individual can contribute to the community where they live and to society as a whole.

    To do so requires planning, a clear understanding of the people we work with, the skills to deliver and the commitment to achieve.

    Hengoed Park has created an on-site step-down service that sees service users move through high-intensity residential care to supported living then onto community placements. Each step is measured and has a low risk of failure and is supported through the continuity of care


    Hengoed Park has consistently received top (3 Star) ratings for its care of adults with cognitive impairments. Hengoed Park maintains a safe environment for its residents, carefully assisting them to interact with the rest of the community to develop to the best of their potential and to live a happy and fulfilling life. Please contact us to learn more.

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    Recovery Pathway

    The Hengoed Park Recovery Pathway is a care management program which is proprietary to Hengoed Park, and which assists us to work with an individual and measure the changes which support rehabilitation. By providing this roadmap for each stage of recovery, and setting milestones to be achieved, we are able to track each individual’s personal development and create strategies which will help them to achieve their goals.

    The planning is divided into a number of core life sections and in completing the pathway document we will agree the outcome (what the individual wants to achieve) and then plot where they are today and how we will help them move forward.

    The Pathway may address a number of core life section or just one or two; the importance is not the scope of the plan but moreover that it is agreed and that both parties see the opportunity of success.

    The Pathway also serves as a form of contract or agreement between Hengoed Park and each individual. The Pathway is often a very important reference point when times are difficult and when the going gets tough.


    The Pathway is reassessed regularly based on the individual with successes visually charted and all actions and activities reviewed.

    Most individuals would prefer to live independently. The Hengoed Park Pathway shows them the way this can be achieved.

    Hengoed Park’s Pathway planning document is also one of the key ways we are able to demonstrate our commitment to our residents’ welfare and our commitment to provide a service which offers a cost effective alternative for families, social workers and commissioning bodies, who are seeking the best possible outcomes and the best possible value proposition for offering a true pathway to recovery.

    Whilst the pathway is about the service user it is also a value measurement for those who fund a placement at Hengoed Park.


    Hengoed Park

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